Teen Wolf Meta: Who is The Benefactor? 



This season on Teen Wolf, the big mystery is the identity of the person financing the assassins that are targeting the supernatural beings of Beacon Hills. All we know is that it is someone who goes by “The Benefactor” and who is using the 117 million dollars stolen from the Hale vault to pay whoever kills someone in the “dead pool”. Just like in season two, when we tried to figure out who was the kanima/kanima master, there are a few suspects. In this post, I will list my own. I will update with every new episode, as new clues surface. If you’d like to add some info of your own, send me an ask! So, if you’re still with me, let’s get started!

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Please do not visit our site for the next 24 - 48 hours. Unfortunately, it appears our site has been infected by a virus. What appeared to be a simple bug in the code has turned out to be something much more serious. Our host is working to remove the virus, however, we urge you not to…

Screencapped.net Petition: We Need Your Help 


Hello All,

Today, Screencapped.net has been hit with a DMCA Claim by Home Box Office (HBO). The DMCA is for Game of Thrones and True Blood screencaps, however, if the DMCA remains in place we will be required to remove all of our galleries to keep in line with host requirements.

We come to you…



Thank you all for your patience, understanding and lovely messages during this time. The Staff really appreciate all the kind words and feedback we have received over the past few days.

The decision has been made to bring the site back online, however, there will be a few changes.

We are…



Screencapped.net is on an indefinite hiatus.

The Staff are unsure whether we should continue to offer screencaps, when the majority of messages we received are complaints. We offer our time and money for capping but there is just no pleasing some people.

There will be no updates during the…

"It’s okay. It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The first person I’ll always love. I love you. Scott. Scott McCall."

"Don’t, please, don’t. Allison don’t, please."

Teen Wolf 3.23 - Insatiable

The Seven Wonders

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